Click the "new sound" button, listen to Mimus polyglottos, then check all that apply


  voiceless   murmured
  voiced   laryngealized

Primary Manner
  stop   plosive
  nasal   affricate
  fricative   approximant
  trill   tap/flap
  liquid   implosive
  ejective   click  
Vowel features
  high   mid
  low   front
  central   back
  rounded   unrounded
  tense   lax
  bilabial   labiodental
  dental   alveolar
  alveopalatal   palatoalveolar
  palatal   velar
  labiovelar   uvular
  pharyngeal   glottal
Secondary Manner
  aspirated   unaspirated
  labialized   unlabialized
  retroflex   nonretroflex
  lateral   nonlateral
  prenasalized   nonprenasalized
  nasalized   unnasalized